This is Chae-Kwon Yoon,
CEO of G&V Co., Ltd.

In the meantime, thanks to the affectionate support of customers,
Thank you very much for being able to greet you like this.

We are living in an era where each day changes rapidly,
Think about what values you must keep that should never change.

There were a lot of lack of things and lots of trial and error, but whenever it was difficult The things that have been overcome without giving up now become the driving force and the power of life.

What was able to overcome the difficulties was the support of customers and I know it was because I had a family together.

He has given us, without forgetting what is the value to be cherished and preserved.
Dear customers, 20 years of R&D and heating construction experience, various A/S, and Based on sensuous know-how, with the belief that we will reward you with sincerity, trust, and responsibility.
We will do it together.

To produce and supply excellent products through continuous research and development without being settled in the present.
With pride and sense of mission as a specialized company, we will create a better tomorrow than today.

Please watch and ask for your continued affection and support.
Thank you.

CEO Yun Chae Kwon