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GNV Co. Ltd. - strives for
bright future

It contains a vision to open a brighter future by creating a better tomorrow than today, There are companies that warm people's hearts.
The importance of the global environment in which we live and for our descendants to live.
It has become a common task for mankind around the world.

For energy that considers the environment G&V's efforts

The development and expansion of human society in a limited global environment The reality is that it has side effects for various environments.
In this respect, the task that is indispensable and occupies a large proportion is It's a matter of energy, and it's a big part of heating.


Companies that contribute to the country and society, G&V for the future

Recognizing the importance of this, we have been developing product technology and production technology.
We will become a company that contributes to the country and society based on differentiated know-how. That produces and supplies excellent products through continuous research and development without being settled in the present.
With pride and sense of mission as a specialized company, we will create a better tomorrow than today.

Company Name GNV Co., Ltd. CEO Chae Kwon Yun
Location Gyeonggi-do, Namyangju-si, Sudon-myeon, Soraebi-ro, 376-21, 2-dong Company registration number 132-86-34311
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E-Mail 0315947451@visiongnv.com