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Electric Ondol for General Electricity

Electric Ondol for General Electricity

Cosmo Electric Ondol System

It is a floor heating system that warms the entire indoor air by using the characteristics
of radiant heating, where hot air heated from the floor goes up and cold air goes down.
This enables efficient heating with less energy.

The traditional culture ondol, head-cooling and feet-warming method, is most suitable for our emotions!


Regardless of the interior structure


Free temperature control, individual and centralized Controllable, controllable using PC


No smoke, no smell, no noise


There is no risk of fire or explosion, and it is safe from moisture, electric leakage, and electromagnetic waves.


Excellent thermal efficiency, low heating cost


It is made of sts304 material and is resistant to corrosion and is semi-permanent due to no breakage of the heating wire.

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  • There is no need for a separate boiler and there is almost no heat loss as heating and heat dissipation are performed directly in the heating place.
  • There is no worry of freezing or breaking in winter, and since the structure is simple, there is little breakdown.
  • Since there is no mechanical device, there is no balance and no separate maintenance is required, which is convenient.
  • It is very convenient to use due to the adoption of the advanced indoor temperature controller and does not require replenishment of fuel.
  • The heat dissipation amount can be properly controlled with a temperature controller, making it efficient and convenient to use.
  • Since it uses electricity, which is clean energy, there is no odor or smoke, and there is no risk of explosion, gas poisoning, or fire.
  • Since it is produced according to the application site, it is easy to install, and it is economical because the weak durability and insufficiency of the simple facility products such as panels are completely compensated.

It can be applied widely without being limited to the installation location.

Recommended places-government offices, libraries, military units, detached houses, restaurants, row houses, new renovations, multi-family houses, dormitories, kindergartens, condos, officetels, hotels, rental facilities, welfare facilities, gymnasiums, etc.


General Electric Ondol
Construction Structure

*The parts except for Cosmo Electric Ondol
are architectural parts.

FlooringAll finishes available
No possibility of deformation of the finish
PlastererUpper concrete [40 mm]
HeaterCosmo Electric Ondol [Ø11]
Insulation layerAerated concrete [50mm or more]
Or styrofoam + gypsum board
Sleeve bottombase [concrete]

Ultra Power Saving Cosmo Electric Ondol Standard

H-Series [ 570W / 3.3m² ]

No Model Size
Power Consumption
1 GNV-H10 Ø11×1000 52
2 GNV-H15 Ø11×1500 78
3 GNV-H20 Ø11×2000 104
4 GNV-H25 Ø11×2500 130
5 GNV-H28 Ø11×2800 145
6 GNV-H31 Ø11×3100 161
7 GNV-H34 Ø11×3400 176
8 GNV-H37 Ø11×3700 192
9 GNV-H40 Ø11×4000 207

L-Series [ 450W / 3.3m² ]

Model Size
Power Consumption
Heater Purchasing agency
identification number
GNV-L10 Ø11×1000 41 220 Stainless Steel
GNV-L15 Ø11×1500 61 22989998
GNV-L20 Ø11×2000 82 22989999
GNV-L25 Ø11×2500 102 22990000
GNV-L28 Ø11×2800 115 22990001
GNV-L31 Ø11×3100 127 22990002
GNV-L34 Ø11×3400 139 22990003
GNV-L37 Ø11×3700 151 22990004
GNV-L40 Ø11×4000 164 22990005