PRODUCTIntroducing G&V's products.

Cosmo Electric Ondol Product Structure

Easy installation and control, No maintenance require.
No freezing trouble and semi-permanent use due to simple structures.

Heating ray
1200℃ heating ray, Semi-pemanent use
Faster heat conduction, Excellent insulation,
more than 95% purity.
Stainless steel
Raw material: POSCO STS304, incorrodible
Protect Cap
ABS flame, IP68 (highest rating)
Electric wire
Excellent insulation property
with triple sheath covered

Product Features

  • Use of stainless steel pipe (semi-permanent, electromagnetic wave blocking)
  • Heat wire (insert product after our direct winding test)
  • Use of magnesia as a heat transfer medium (freeze X, explosion X, various winter accidents X)
  • Eco-friendly product with no smoke, odor or noise.
  • Computer-connected centralized control and individual heating for each floor and room.
  • Can be installed freely regardless of the interior structure.
  • Heat efficiency is good because it is a direct heating method in the heating place.

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